About Us

The Chief of Staff Association arose out of the work of a few diplomats and chiefs of staff, who came together to find ways to navigate borders quickly and bypass traditional impediments to solve complex coordination problems and accelerate rapid economic diplomacy. This private diplomatic network, forms the backbone of the Chief of Staff Association.

A comprehensive engagement platform, known as CSA Connect extends members networks beyond their organisations. Our CSA Connect program includes one-to-one introductions together with monthly in-person and virtual roundtables aligned by industry sector.

CSA Certification is our executive-level education programme specially designed for Chiefs of Staff. Delivered Said Business School at Oxford University. It is geared to encourage our members to develop their global network and acquire knowledge and skills that will advance their career.

Membership is divided into four divisions; the Diplomatic Division, Private Division, Uniformed Division and a Government Division. 

Incorporated in Delaware, the Chief of Staff Association is structured as a public benefit corporation, thus enabling it not to rely solely upon philanthropic donations.

New York

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Level 8, 7 Westferry Circus
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