CSA Certification™

The Chief of Staff Association offers executive-level education programmes that equip our members to develop their global network and acquire knowledge and skills that will advance their career.

Courses, specially designed for Chiefs of Staff, enable an analysis of case studies with your professional context in mind and encourage opportunities to integrate key learnings into your practices.

The first purpose-designed course of its kind, the Chiefs of Staff Executive Certification Programme provides members with the formal frameworks and skills to take their career to the next level and is a prerequisite to obtaining the CSA and FCSA certifications.

To achieve CSA certification and the right to use the CSA post-nominals members must complete the Strategic Leadership for Chiefs of Staff programme and maintain continuous membership for one year. 

Chief of Staff Executive Certification Programme

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Programme Particulars

Investment: USD 6,450
Duration: 4 Days
Location: London
When: Summer 2021

Benefits of the Programme

To You

  • Your first step toward CSA Certification.
  • A highly personalised development journey.
  • Your leadership style and values explored and stress-tested.
  • Confidence to lead through complexity and navigate uncertainty.
  • Create meaningful links and co-learning with an experienced group of global leaders.
  • Develop senior Chief of Staff contacts globally.

To Your Organisation

  • You return with new thinking and enthusiasm to support your Principal.
  • You are better able to align context, purpose, and business strategy.
  • You develop innovative ways to support future success.
  • You open the door to impact through a global business community.

Chief of Staff Post-Nominals

Certification from the Chief of Staff Association asserts your commitment to developing a professional career as a senior Chief of Staff. The Chief of Staff Association has two categories of post-nominals for members, CSA and FCSA. Acceptance to each class is dependent upon your career experience, relevant qualifications and approval by the board of directors. Recognition as a Fellow of the Chief of Staff Association is the highest acknowledgment of your commitment to the profession.

  • CSA
    (Certified member)

    To be eligible to use the CSA post nominal, members must meet the following requirements:

    * Successfully completed the Chiefs of Staff Executive Certification Programme and;

    * Maintained membership of the CSA for one year.

    E.g., Mr David Browne, CSA
  • FCSA

    To be eligible to use the FCSA post nominal, members must meet the following requirements:

    * Be a certified member (CSA) of the Chief of Staff Association

    * Maintained membership of the CSA for two years.;

    * Have served as a Chief of Staff to a senior principal for at least twelve months or;

    * Is able to display an equivalent level of seniority in a similarly recognised role.

    Acceptance to fellowship is by invitation only and applications must be to the board by another Fellow.

    E.g., Ms Catelyn Clark, FCSA

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