Certified Chief of Staff™Programme

Your gateway to becoming an influential, resilient and industry recognised chief of staff.

Four Pathways, One Destination

A learning journey that builds individual competency, enhances organisational performance and leads to professional certification.

Core Competency

The Core Competency pathway refines your command of key technical skills that enable high-performance.

Duration: 12 months – 18 months
Sessions: 10

1.1 Curriculum

In the curriculum, members work with their peers to challenge and rethink traditional best practices in each of the ten core competencies essential to the role.

Delivered by senior academics and seasoned practitioners, the CSA faculty are thought leaders in their areas of expertise.

Each seminar has an assessment component that is a requirement to receive credit toward the programme.

1.2 Capstone

In the Core Competency pathway, the capstone requirement is achieved by attending the Chief of Staff Executive Education Programme at the University of Oxford.

The bi-annual residential programme is delivered on campus at Saïd Business School and is exclusive to a cohort of approximately 40 members.

Members can attend the Oxford residential programme at any point throughout the Core Competency pathway.

1.3 Credential


The Mindfulness Pathway builds emotional intelligence, resilience and leadership.

Duration: 12 months
Sessions: 6

2.1 Curriculum

In a role that requires emotional intelligence and empathetic leadership, the Mindfulness curriculum equips members with techniques to enhance their influence and navigate complex relationships.

Expert facilitators inspire members to adapt their leadership style to thrive in fast-paced, high-pressure environments.

Each seminar has an assessment component that is a requirement to receive credit toward the programme.

2.2 Capstone

The capstone for the Mindfulness pathway is achieved by completing a resilience diagnostic at the beginning and end of the pathway.

Members review the key strengths and risks outlined in the diagnostic report and create an action plan for sustained growth and development in these areas.

The diagnostic is conducted by the Resilience Institute. Members receive a detailed report and access the world’s leading digital platform for building personal and team resilience.

2.3 Credential


The Awareness pathway provides members with a framework to anticipate and respond to emerging threats and opportunities.

Duration: 12 months
Sessions: 6

3.1 Curriculum

The Awareness curriculum empowers members to embrace Air Traffic Control principles to guide their practice.

Leaders at the centre of governance, business and academia offer expert insight on how they analyse and anticipate the ramifications and opportunities of global trends.

Each seminar has an assessment component that is a requirement to receive credit toward the programme.

3.2 Capstone

Members fulfil the capstone requirement by looking ‘over the horizon’ to forecast consequential shifts that may affect their industry.

Participants can choose to undertake an individual or collaborative report that identifies the ways that a global trend may impact their organisation.

The submitted report should demonstrate an ability to identify risks and opportunities of global trends such as Artificial Intelligence and supply chain disruption.

3.3 Credential


The Contribution pathway challenges members to create significant impact through a CSA-approved project of their design.

Duration: 12 months

In the fourth pathway, members apply the skills and expertise developed over the course of the programme to deliver a project that has a visible benefit to their community, organisation or profession.

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