Chief of Staff Code of Practice

The Chief of Staff Association’s Code of Practice ensures that all those to whom achieve Certified Chief of Staff® status act with the highest standards of integrity and are committed to maintaining best practice within the role of chief of staff.

The Code

Professional Conduct

Uphold the highest professional standards of personal conduct in all situations that concern your role as chief of staff within your organisation, and accept full responsibility and accountability for your own actions in your capacity as a chief of staff.

Follow all relevant and applicable laws, regulations and professional standards as they relate to your organisation, industry and profession.

Hold a necessary degree of professional knowledge and competence appropriate to your role as chief of staff.

Commit to creating a sense of belonging within your organisation and other professional scenarios that is free from bias, prejudice, injustice, harassment and discrimination.

Ethical Standards

Act ethically in all your actions pertaining to your role as chief of staff, ensuring confidentiality and integrity. Abstain from any actions which my directly or indirectly harm your principal, organisation, the chief of staff profession or the general public.

Perform your duties and responsibilities honourably in your role as chief of staff, ensuring you prioritise your principal and the organisation as appropriate.

Be vigilant of any potential conflicts of interest and, where they arise, declare and manage them openly.

Representing the Chief of Staff Profession

Act in a way that supports and upholds the reputation, conduct and values of the chief of staff profession, organisation and industry.
Challenge your fellow chiefs of staff who you suspect may be involved in unlawful or unethical conduct or behaviour, taking appropriate action as required.

Behave in a way that supports the value of the role of the chief of staff and increases the general public’s understanding of the role.

Your commitment as a Certified Chief of Staff®

As a Certified Chief of Staff®, I commit to the highest professional standards of performance as set out in this Code of Conduct.

As a member of The Chief of Staff Association, I commit to my own personal and professional development, and to supporting that of my fellow chiefs of staff.

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