The Core Competency Programme

The first of its kind, the Core Competency Programme has mapped the attributes and skills of the chief of staff role to a focused programme of education.

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The Core Competency Programme serves as the foundation of CSA’s education streams, providing our members with integral skills that are fundamental to the chief of staff role.

Learn habits that outperform.

The Core Competency Programme encourages participants to rethink traditional best practice on topics that are mainstays of businesses and corporations.

Be inspired by a range of voices from around the globe, all with the leadership skills, learned habits and innovative thinking to help you outperform in your role.

Presenters of the Core Competency Programme explore issues relevant to contemporary practice and their insights will help you craft your own reputation as an industry leader.

Contemporary Insights, Traditional Concepts.

The Core Competency Programme facilitates thought-leaders who update conventional business practice, such as project management, to reflect the vastly changed post-covid environment.

Led by authors, professors and industry professionals who are pioneers in their fields, participants are taught modern techniques that ensure they are at the forefront of the evolving chief of staff profession.

Prepare your corporation for the uncertainties of a world that is facing new and unprecedented challenges.

The Core Competency Programme is open to members and associates of The Chief of Staff Association.