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Chiefs of Staff are the indisputable gatekeepers to the world’s leaders and their influence is increasing. They help leaders execute strategy and manage virtually all the interactions between the principal and stakeholders.

Many people assume that there exists a “definitive list” that the world’s leaders have at their fingertips.

You might think that the president of a company or the president of a country has a red phone on their desk that they can use to reach anyone at a moments notice.

This is not true.

The Chief of Staff Association is singularly focussed on maintaining the contact details of the gatekeepers to the world’s largest companies, governments, family offices, militaries and diplomats.

If your organisation is likely to be sought after in times of necessity or are seeking new opportunities, you should apply for registration with the Chief of Staff Association.

The CSA Seal

Registered in the CSA Official Directory™
The Chief of Staff Association

Organisations registered in the CSA Official Directory are recognised by the CSA Seal. This assures your customers and counter-parties that your organisation is contributing to international coordination efforts, particularly during times of necessity, and avails itself of the opportunity to participate in new initiatives.

How to Register an Organisation with the CSA Official Directory

Registration with the Chief of Staff Association is at the sole discretion of the CSA.

  • Apply for Registration
  • Interview
  • Credentials and Vetting
  • Registration in the CSA Official Directory
  • Receive Credentials Pack

To apply to register your organization in the CSA Official Directory, please fill out the form below to commence the vetting process.

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