Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s chief of staff John Bingaman to co-chair president-elect Joe Biden’s transition team.

Previous people to serve in this position include Bill Haggerty, who was in charge of Senator Romney’s transition team during his bid for president in 2012 and Jim Messina, who led President Obama’s transition team in 2008. Since leading Senator Romney’s transition team Mr Haggerty went on to become the US Ambassador for Japan and is currently a candidate for the US Senate in the state of Tennessee. Meanwhile, Mr Messina went on to become deputy chief of staff for President Obama and then served as the campaign manager in Obama’s successful 2012 reelection.2

Mr Bingaman has a distinguished background as a Harvard graduate, where he completed an MBA. He has experience in the public and private sectors, serving as a Managing Principal for Iron Creek Partners for over a decade. Additionally, he has served as chairman of the board for companies such as Irth Solutions, SlickText and CAI Software LLC. Leaders of presidential transition teams have historically gone on to have impressive and diverse careers; keep an eye on Mr Bingaman to do the same.

“Presidential transitions are, without a doubt, a daunting challenge and one of great importance”, said Dr Aron D’Souza, Secretary and Chief Executive of the Chief of Staff Association. “Our best wishes for successes in this important role to John Bingaman.”

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