While there may not be a 'secret ingredient' to success as a chief of staff, it is worth reviewing some of the wisdom that chiefs of staff have offered in the past.

The role of chief of staff is instrumental to the success of an organization. For this reason, many who aspire to the role often ask how success can be achieved in such a versatile, demanding, and complex position.

Here are four traits that often appear in memoirs, speeches, or talks given by prominent chiefs of staff:

Attention to Detail
Chiefs of staff are renowned for their attention to detail. They do their best to organize tasks systematically and then proceed to ensure that all projects are delivered efficiently.

Chiefs of staff are adept at prioritizing competing and often conflicting objectives allowing them to optimize finite resources and capital.

The relationship between a chief of staff and the principal is paramount. Loyalty is the bedrock of a sustained and meaningful relationship that creates harmony and facilitates productive careers in the profession.

The trait that is most often quoted by chiefs of staff is that they must always work with a sense of integrity. By demonstrating integrity in their professional conduct, long-lasting relationships cam be built that can open doors to places that others may not have access to. Integrity is an asset that is universally appreciated.