CSA Leadership Series

Gain insights from global leaders and chiefs of staff who have mastered the profession.

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Learn how the world’s leading principals have leveraged their skillsets to succeed at the highest levels of government, the military and corporations.

There is no substitute for experience.

The CSA Leadership Series provides members with the opportunity to learn from international experts who through experience have become leaders in their respective fields.

Join member-only webinars and forums, and learn from subject matter experts who influence sectors, geopolitical settings, and important public agendas.

Through the CSA Leadership Series, you will be inspired by the personal stories of seasoned chiefs of staff and grasp the powerful nuance in their thinking and practice.

Participate in post-forum experiences with peers on topics and situations relevant to your role. In doing so, build peer networks and advance your career.

Learn habits that outperform.

The CSA Leadership Series features leading chiefs of staff and their global peers in government and industry.

A chief of staff requires visionary foresight and rapid adaptation to changing circumstance.

Be inspired by a range of voices from around the globe, all with the leadership skills, learned habits and innovative thinking to outperform in their roles.

Presenters of the CSA Leadership Series interrogate issues relevant to contemporary practice and their insights will help you craft your own reputation as an industry leader. 

The CSA Leadership Series is exclusively available to CSA members.