The Role of the Chief of Staff in the Post-COVID World

The Chief of Staff Association is pleased to invite you to a free webinar with Dr Aron D’Souza, Secretary and Chief Executive of the Chief of Staff Association. In this webinar, he will give insights specifically tailored to Chiefs of Staff to help them navigate the uncertain COVID environment. 

Based on his experience of speaking with hundreds of COSs in recent months, including those coordinating significant public health responses, he will illustrate how the role of the COS is changing and its responsibilities growing in response to the challenges presented by the pandemic. These insights will enable you to better manage the changing global landscape and become more effective for your principal moving forward.

Dr D’Souza currently serves as Secretary and Chief Executive of the Chief of Staff Association. He holds a PhD in legal philosophy from the University of Melbourne and a law degree from the University of Oxford.

This webinar will be helpful for Chiefs of Staff in the public and private sectors, including diplomats navigating an increasingly complex and isolated world.

WHERE: Zoom webinar; link provided following registration.

WHEN: 2pm on 22nd September 2020 EDT

  • New York - 2:00pm
  • Los Angeles - 11:00am
  • London - 7:00pm
  • Sydney (Friday) - 4:00am
  • Hong Kong (Friday) - 2:00am

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