Connecting the World's Chiefs of Staff

Capped at only three hundred new members per year, the Chief of Staff Association puts you in the company of the world’s most connected, innovative and influential gatekeepers.

Although some organisations possess extensive local business contacts and others have far-reaching international connections, seldom few have both. This breakdown occurs because maintaining relationships across multiple regions and sectors simultaneously requires commitment and assets that even the most well-resourced organisations could only hope to achieve.

We assist members to navigate borders quickly and bypass traditional impediments to solve complex coordination problems and facilitate economic diplomacy. In addition, a comprehensive engagement platform extends members reach and capacity well beyond their organisations including, CSA Connect and CSA Certification.

CSA Engagement Platforms

CSA CommandTM

Available exclusively to members, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, CSA Command provides connectivity between the world’s largest companies, governments, family offices and diplomats.

CSA ExperiencesTM

Invitation only roundtables occur once per month in New York and London and equip members with invaluable insights on emerging global affairs and foster enduring connections with like-minded peers.

CSA CertificationTM

The first of its kind, Chief of Staff Strategic Leadership Programme will be delivered by the world's finest research institutions. The programme provides the basis for achieving Chief of Staff certification and fellowship.

Membership Classes

Diplomatic Division

Current and former diplomats of any foreign service, including Ambassadors, Minister-Counsellors and Consuls-General, may be invited.

Uniformed Division

Senior serving and former officers from uniformed service branches including military and law and border enforcement are eligible for membership.

Government Division

Membership in the Government Division is available to experienced Chiefs of Staff serving elected public officials and senior bureaucrats.


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