Connect, Grow and
Succeed with your peers.

The Chief of Staff Association (CSA) is the international professional body for Chiefs of Staff in leading corporations, governments, the military and diplomatic corps.

Our members have an impact when and where it matters through facilitated connections, professional certification and curated forums.


The CSA strengthen and enhance the integrity of the chief of staff profession through rigorous education from Oxford University, peer learning and professional certification.


The CSA advance connections to achieve immediate outcomes and create the ideal conditions in which influential, long-term authentic relationships can be formed.


The CSA engage our community of peers sharing elevated insights and experience supporting members effectiveness across their roles and responsibilities.

“Agents of action are the bedrock for achieving great outcomes. The Chief of Staff Association recognises this fact and provides a network to support those who execute the vision at hand.”


Ramsey Allington, Chief of Staff, Phones & Wearables, Google Inc.

Who can join The Chief of Staff Association?

The CSA is a community of peers who together build strength, confidence and resilience: extraordinary people achieving extraordinary outcomes in cities across the globe.


For professionals seeking connections, a community of practice and access to a global network of trusted peers.


Associate Membership is ideal for the next generation of Chiefs of Staff looking to kickstart their career.


Highly customised membership for Chiefs of Staff (or equivalent) in positions of significant influence.

“Trust and relationships are the foundations of progress.  The Chief of Staff Association is based on this powerful insight and provides a network of authentic relationships along with the credibility and trust needed for growth.”


Brigadier General Matthew C. Isler, U.S. Air Force (Ret.)

How to join The Chief of Staff Association.

Membership is capped at only five hundred new members per year and applications are assessed quarterly.

Step 1.
Submit your application

Applying is easy and takes less than five minutes with our simple to follow online form.

Step 2.
Virtual Interview with the CSA

Shortlisted applicants are invited for an informal virtual meeting with a CSA director or board member.

Step 3.
Successful Applicants Notified

Successful applicants receive an offer to join the CSA and receive their onboarding pack after paying the membership fee.

Applications for the Spring 2021 Cohort closed on April 3.

Chief of Staff Executive Certification Programme

The Chief of Staff Association has partnered with Saïd Business School at Oxford University to create the Oxford Chief of Staff Executive Certification Programme exclusively for members.

Why CSA Certification?

Becoming certified by The Chief of Staff Association distinguishes you as a chief of staff and asserts your commitment to developing a professional career as a chief of staff.


Forge excellent opportunities to share experiences, learn from each other’s perspectives, open up your global network and acquire specialised knowledge and skills that will accelerate your career.


Whether you’re focused on establishing your skills as a chief of staff, amplifying your career prospects, or assuring your seat at the table, becoming certified is a palpable mark of your commitment to the profession.


Being a certified chief of staff immediately identifies you as a professional in your field and will help you engage with your global community of peers.

Certification is available exclusively to members of
The Chief of Staff Association.