Enhancing the influence of
Chiefs of Staff

The Chief of Staff Association (CSA) is the international professional body for chiefs of staff in leading private corporations, governments, not-for-profits and the military.

Membership puts you in the company of trusted gatekeepers with unprecedented access and influence.


In consultation with leading educators and experienced chiefs of staff, The Chief of Staff Association has designed a comprehensive education programme that builds member competency, capability, and performance.


With members occupying positions of influence in more than 45 countries, The Chief of Staff Association extends your reach and ability to solve complex coordination problems quickly and efficiently.


Becoming a Certified Chief of Staff™ distinguishes you as a leader in the profession. Your journey to certification culminates with a four day immersive programme at the Saïd Business School, University of Oxford.

Applications are now open.

The Chief of Staff Association &
The University of Oxford

The Chief of Staff Executive Education programme at Saïd Business School, the University of Oxford is a world-first tailor-made program that contextualises the chief of staff role within the global community, enabling professionals to respond to the unique challenges faced in their roles.

Our programme features insights from invited political, diplomatic and business leaders. These speakers share views on the core responsibilities of the role, and on emerging new challenges and responsibilities. Students participate in shared discussion and debate, enriching their perspectives and capability.

“Agents of action are the bedrock for achieving great outcomes. The Chief of Staff Association recognises this fact and provides a network to support those who execute the vision at hand.”

Ramsey Allington, Chief of Staff, Phones & Wearables, Google Inc.

Who can join The Chief of Staff Association?

The CSA™ is a community of peers who together build strength, confidence and resilience: extraordinary people achieving extraordinary outcomes in cities across the globe.

New & Aspiring Chiefs of Staff

Associate membership is ideal for the next generation of chiefs of staff looking to kickstart their career.

Experienced Chiefs of Staff

Membership is for experienced chief of staff professionals seeking connections, a community of practice and access to a global network of trusted peers.

Senior Chiefs of Staff

For chiefs of staff in positions of significant influence at the highest levels of government and industry, Fellowship is a highly customised membership tailored to your needs.

Chief of Staff Education

The Chief of Staff Association has designed a comprehensive education programme that builds member competency and capability.

Core Competency Programme

The Core Competency Programme builds the complete skill set required to perform effectively. It has been designed by leading educators and chiefs of staff to ensure the diverse and complex challenges of the role are addressed.

The Situation Room

The Situation Room engages members in role-play, working alongside experienced chiefs of staff to apply skills under pressure. Test your competency in real-life contexts that replicate the challenges specifically faced by a contemporary chief of staff.

CSA Leadership Series

The CSA Leadership Series features invitation-only webinars and interactive forums in which highly experienced chiefs of staff share their experience and interrogate different issues and settings. Hear insights and be inspired by global industry leaders.

Executive Education, the University of Oxford

The Chief of Staff Association Executive Education programme is delivered at Saïd Business School, the University of Oxford. An exclusive cohort of approx. 45 chiefs of staff convene to discuss in-depth contemporary challenges and insights on the complex role.

Highlights from CSA Education

Rethinking Immigration, Prof. Zeke Hernandez

The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

The Power of Diplomacy, Capricia Marshall

Former White House Chief of Protocol (2009-2013)

Leading Without Authority, Keith Ferrazzi

#1 New York Times best-selling author. Founder, Ferrazzi Greenlight.