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Enhance your influence.

The Chief of Staff Association (CSA™) is the international professional body for chiefs of staff in leading corporations, governments, the military and diplomatic corps.

A global community of peers who together form a network of trusted and influential contacts: extraordinary people with extraordinary access. 


The CSA™ strengthens and enhances the integrity of the chief of staff profession through rigorous education, peer collaboration and professional certification at Oxford.


The CSA™ advances connections to achieve immediate outcomes and creates the ideal conditions in which influential, long-term authentic relationships can be formed.


The CSA™ is your community of peers who together build strength, confidence and resilience: extraordinary people with extraordinary access across the globe.


Who can join The Chief of Staff Association?

The CSA™ is a community of peers who together build strength, confidence and resilience: extraordinary people achieving extraordinary outcomes in cities across the globe.

New & Aspiring Chiefs of Staff

Associate membership is ideal for the next generation of chiefs of staff looking to kickstart their career.

Experienced Chiefs of Staff

Membership is for experienced chief of staff professionals seeking connections, a community of practice and access to a global network of trusted peers.

Senior Chiefs of Staff

For chiefs of staff in positions of significant influence at the highest levels of government and industry, Fellowship is a highly customised membership tailored to your needs.

“Agents of action are the bedrock for achieving great outcomes. The Chief of Staff Association recognises this fact and provides a network to support those who execute the vision at hand.”

Ramsey Allington, Chief of Staff, Phones & Wearables, Google Inc.

What are the benefits of membership?

Members of The Chief of Staff Association access a network of peers, rigorous education and the latest profession insights from The Chief of Staff.

Job Opportunities

Access to the CSA Jobs Briefing with unique chief of staff job opportunities from companies in our network.

CSA Post Nominals

Use either the CSA™ (Member) or ACSA (Associate) post-nominal after your name on business cards and online profiles.

Calling Cards

Receive individualised calling cards crafted from the finest GMUND paper.

Fattorini Lapel Pins

Signify your membership with a distinctive lapel pin crafted by Fattorini of London.


Access to our exclusive library of job descriptions and other standard-form resources, so you are always using best-practice documents.

Annual Subscription to The Chief of Staff

Annual subscription to our peer-reviewed journal, The Chief of Staff, consolidating a global body of knowledge, advice and lessons through a contemporary lens.

Core Competency Programme

Regular seminars that build the complete skill set required to perform effectively as a contemporary chief of staff.

Co-Elevation Forums

Access to quarterly forums where members collaborate with peers to interrogate real-time challenges and opportunities confronting chiefs of staff.

The Situation Room

Members are placed in role-play scenarios, working alongside experienced Chiefs of Staff to apply skills in practice, and under pressure.

CSA Leadership Series

Invitation-only interactive forums in which highly experienced Chiefs of Staff share their experience and interrogate different issues and settings.

CSA Diplomatic Briefings

Full members of The Chief of Staff Association access private diplomatic briefings led by working Ambassadors, Consuls-General and trade commissioners.

Become a Certified Chief of Staff™ at Oxford University

Members enjoy the security of reserved enrolment in the Chief of Staff Certification Programme at Oxford University’s Saïd Business School.

Additional Associate Membership

Members may nominate a colleague or industry professional to receive a complimentary 12-month associate membership.

Applications are now open
and are assessed in order of receipt

“Trust and relationships are the foundations of progress.  The Chief of Staff Association is based on this powerful insight and provides a network of authentic relationships along with the credibility and trust needed for growth.”

Brigadier General Matthew C. Isler, U.S. Air Force (Ret.)

Chief of Staff Education

The Chief of Staff Association has designed a comprehensive education programme that builds member competency and capability.

Core Competency Programme

The Core Competency Programme builds the complete skill set required to perform effectively. It has been designed by leading educators and chiefs of staff to ensure the diverse and complex challenges of the role are addressed.

The Situation Room

The Situation Room engages members in role-play, working alongside experienced chiefs of staff to apply skills under pressure. Test your competency in real-life contexts that replicate the challenges specifically faced by a contemporary chief of staff.

CSA Leadership Series

The CSA Leadership Series features invitation-only webinars and interactive forums in which highly experienced chiefs of staff share their experience and interrogate different issues and settings. Hear insights and be inspired by global industry leaders.

Oxford Certification

The Chief of Staff Association has partnered with Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford to create a chief of staff certification programme exclusively for members. Upon completion of the programme, participants become a Certified Chief of Staff™.

How to join The Chief of Staff Association.

Membership is capped at only five hundred new members per year and applications are assessed quarterly.

Step 1.
Submit your application

Applying is easy and takes less than five minutes with our simple to follow online form.

Step 2.
Virtual Interview with the CSA

Shortlisted applicants are invited for an informal virtual meeting with a CSA director or board member.

Step 3.
Successful Applicants Notified

Successful applicants receive an offer to join the CSA and receive their onboarding pack after paying the membership fee.

Applications Now Open