Co-Elevation Forums

Collaborate with peers to interrogate real-time challenges and opportunities confronting chiefs of staff.

Peer-to-Peer Learning

Our Co-Elevation Forums are delivered in partnership with #1 New York Times best-selling author and CSA editorial board member, Keith Ferrazzi.

5x5x5 Exercise

The co-elevation forums utilise the structure of a 5x5x5 behavioural exercise to facilitate authentic peer collaboration. Each member will join a virtual breakout room with two of their peers and will have fifteen minutes as the focus of the exercise.

In strict high-energy intervals, the member in focus has five minutes to explain a professional challenge they are encountering, answer five minutes of questioning relevant to the scenario; and finally, receive five minutes of candid feedback from their peers.

Ferrazzi Greenlight

Ferrazzi Greenlight is a global consulting and coaching firm based in Los Angeles. Ferrazzi Greenlight have experience across all industries, and specialize in creating shareholder value by leveraging teams as the engine for change and transformative growth.

Keith Ferrazzi is a recognized global thought leader in the relational and collaborative sciences. The Chief of Staff Association is delighted to partner with Ferrazzi Greenlight and The Greenlight Research Institute to deliver stimulating co-elevation sessions.

“Your job as a leader is not to lead as an individual, but to foster the environment of co-elevation amongst your team. That’s the key, because your team needs to become co-elevators of each other.”

Keith Ferrazzi, Ferrazzi Greenlight
Member of the Editorial Board, The Chief of Staff Association

What is Co-Elevation?

Leading without authority describes a new organisational model and mindset. Co-elevation is the operating system for succeeding at it.

The name refers to its guiding ethos of “going higher together.” You build co-elevating relationships with your teammates by collaborating and problem-solving with them in partnerships and self-organising teams.

In CSA co-elevation forums, members apply these principles in practice by drawing on their varied experiences to unpack complex organisational challenges. Together, members enhance their capability and improve their effectiveness.

Co-elevation forums are convened quarterly
and exclusive to CSA members.