The Chief of Staff Association is dedicated to furthering the chief of staff profession through research, resources and public advocacy.

Research Reports

The CSA promotes understanding and awareness of the role through an annual compensation survey and detailed programme reports.

Compensation Report

As the role continues its expansion worldwide, access to up-to-date information empowers chiefs of staff to take charge of their career.

The CSA produces an annual compensation report to establish a benchmark for the profession’s compensation expectations.

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Programme Reports

The CSA’s global programmes convene chiefs of staff from diverse sectors and regions, providing insight into the evolution of the profession.

Our programme reports harness the collective expertise of the chief of staff community, establishing global best-practices that advance the role.

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The Chief of Staff journal

The Chief of Staff is the only professional journal that is dedicated to promoting the chief of staff profession.

Over the Horizon Briefing

Insights to keep you up-to-date on what may be coming over the horizon next.

Five things to watch

Each quarter, The Chief of Staff Association brings you five trends to monitor over the next six months.

Whether it be geopolitical, economic or cultural, we provide you with the foresight to keep you, and your principal scanning the horizon.

Past, Present and Future

In each edition, a resident expert explores a particular topic with a reflection on how the trend has historically impacted global organisations.

Take a look at our latest article where we discuss a potential black swan factor that has medium-term implications for chiefs of staff.

Career Resources

Connect with subject matter experts, make use of valuable resources and advance your career.

Job Templates

The Chief of Staff Association offers downloadable job templates to streamline the process of hiring a chief of staff.

Our job descriptions are tailor-made to meet the needs of multiple organisation types.

Jobs Briefing

The CSA Jobs briefing connects members with chief of staff job opportunities from companies in our network.

Members receive a curated email that ensures they are up-to-date with the most recent chief of staff opportunities.

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