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Boston Mayor Michelle Wu Appoints Tiffany Chu as Permanent Chief of Staff

In February 2022, Tiffany Chu officially assumed her role as the Mayor of Boston’s chief of staff. The transportation and technology expert was nominated at the end of January to promote Mayor Michelle Wu’s forward-thinking climate justice and transportation agenda. 

By Adèle Pavé

Published: 29/03/2022

Chu is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has the experience and technical skills to thrive in the position.

Her experience as a commissioner for the San Francisco Department of the Environment will be an asset in the implementation of Mayor Wu’s environmental measures. In addition, her expertise will be critical to strategically aligning the stakeholders engaged in the realisation of this project, including City departments and other levels of local government.

Chu’s entrepreneurship, planning, and design background align strongly with Mayor Wu’s socio-economic project. Moreover, her experience in executive roles with Remix and Via, companies that use new technologies to improve public mobility, provides her with the authority to promote an inclusive and affordable transportation system in Boston. 

Given her background in the environmental and transportation sectors, Chu is uniquely positioned to oversee the implementation of Mayor Wu’s long term project of equitable policies, inclusive of all of Boston’s neighbourhoods. Similarly, with her transportation and technology expertise, Chu’s nomination challenges the legitimacy concern often attributed to the chief of staff role. 

Ultimately, Tiffany Chu’s appointment strengthens the chief of staff community’s ability to draw broader conclusions on their profession. She exemplifies the highly transferable skills that chiefs of staff hold and demonstrate their importance in promoting and managing change.

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