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The Chief of Staff welcomes submissions from academics, scholars, historians, and practitioners to tackle any of the great questions that define this critical profession.

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The Chief of Staff is a quarterly, peer-reviewed publication that focuses on the history, culture and efficacy of one of the world’s oldest professions. Its audience, ambit and focus are unique: to consolidate a body of knowledge, advice and lessons through a contemporary lens.

The Chief of Staff is the first and foremost reference for COSs across government, royal households, large companies and senior military commands and is the platform for published works on a topic that hitherto had no home.

Besides these scholarly works, The Chief of Staff also serves as an epistemic meeting place to share knowledge on best practice. Our inaugural edition explores the origins of the role, along with profiles of modern practitioners now leading the profession.

The journal also welcomes and encourages submissions of articles that may be opinionated or give personalised insights into the journey and experiences of the profession.

Presentation: Longer form articles can feature footnotes, which are encouraged to comply with Oxford citation style.

Submission: You must submit electronically via the form on this page.

Word Count:

Academic Articles 2,000 – 5,000
Professional Notes 500 – 1,000
Book Reviews 1,000 – 2,000

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