Chief of Staff Association Calling Cards by Gmund

The first calling cards date back to the early Egyptians who left ceramic tiles with their name and title printed on them. Calling cards made from paper and ink soared in popularity in Europe in the golden age of the late 1700s and 1800s. Calling cards soon became necessary social accessories for the fashionable and affluent and served both for purpose and status symbol.

Today, calling cards are making a modern revival whereby people want to present themselves socially with a less work-related face. Traditionally the card was centred elegantly with the person’s name and title. Nowadays, it can be appropriate to include a cell phone number and personal email address. Should any additional information be required, a handwritten note on the reverse of the card is customary.

The Chief of Staff Association Calling Card

Whilst in the 20th and 21st century the business card had replaced the calling card, for hundreds of years before a calling card was a sophisticated and stylish way to establish and strengthen relationships between people.

It is for this reason, the Chief of Staff Association provides its members with a traditional calling card which may be personalised with individual details as you require.

Members of the Chief of Staff Association may choose to have either their personal telephone number and email address printed on their CSA calling cards or their name depending on personal preference.

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