CSA Command™

Most people assume that successful business people and senior government officials have everyone’s contact details at their fingertips.

However, maintaining high-level relationships across multiple regions and sectors requires commitment and assets that even the most well-resourced organisations could only hope to achieve.

You might think that the president of a company or the president of a country has a special “red phone” on their desk that they can use to reach anyone at a moment’s notice.

You might think that, but that is only in the movies…until now.

How Members Escalate Requests through CSA Command

Requests are routed through CSA Command by trained specialists who assign a single point of contact to the member and a timeline for resolution. Behind the scenes, our team take action and follow-up with with the member to ensure appropriate resolution.

  • Request Submitted
  • SPOC* Appointed
  • Regular Updates
  • Resolution

* Single Point of Contact

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