Your Chief of Staff Community

Recognition is just the beginning, now it’s time to grow your influence.

The CSA is a resilient community of peers, at different life stages, sharing insights and experience, and supporting one another to establish their profession.

Post Nominals

Exclusively for use by CSA members.

Chief of Staff Association members are entitled to use a post-nominal after their name. Your Chief of Staff Association membership demonstrates a commitment to your career, and to the chief of staff profession, and can be an important distinguishing factor to your existing and future employer as well as amplifying your position as a senior chief of staff to colleagues and peers.

Members are encouraged to use your post-nominals on your business card, email signature, website and LinkedIn profile.



Calling Cards

The Chief of Staff Association provides associates and members with a traditional calling card which may be personalised with individual details as you require.

Members of The Chief of Staff Association may choose to have either their personal telephone number and email address printed on their Chief of Staff Association calling cards or their name depending on your individual style.

Members and associates receive an allocation of fifty complimentary calling cards each year. Additional cards may be ordered by request.


Lapel Pins

Fattorini was founded in 1827 by Antonio Fattorini an Italian immigrant who settled in England where he established a number of retail outlets specialising in jewellery, watches and fancy goods.

The Chief of Staff Association is proud to provide its members and associates with these high-quality divisional lapel pins which are recognised globally and quickly signify your membership of The Chief of Staff Association to peers and colleagues.

Upon joining, members are assigned to one of the four divisions (Government, Private, Diplomatic or Uniformed) commensurate with their experience and background.

Certificate of Membership

Members are provided with a beautiful certificate of membership.

The Chief of Staff Association certificate of membership draws inspiration from 19th-century diplomatic exequatur, which established commissions from sovereign heads of state to their ambassadors, consuls and other representatives, empowering them to act on their behalf. Similarly, contemporary chiefs of staff serve as the plenipotentiary representatives of their principals.

Reimagined for the modern era, our certificate of membership connects the modern chief of staff to our historic antecedents.


Develop your global professional network through The Chief of Staff Association.