Connecting through The Chief of Staff Association

Accelerate your network regionally, expand your connections globally.

The CSA facilitates connections that are unreachable outside its member base. We create the ideal conditions in which influential, long-term relationships can be formed.

Expertise Classes

The Chief of Staff Association counts among its members leaders from the military, diplomatic corps, government and private-sector corporations. Our members have gained invaluable insights into the chief of staff profession from experience working in diverse socio-political and commercial contexts.

Regular CSA Expertise Classes equip members and associates with invaluable skills that allow them to excel in their roles. Learn, share and connect with your peers in sessions run by expert educators and pioneers in the field.

Participants receive digital micro-credentials upon completion which signal an unparalleled commitment to the profession when displayed on resumes and social profiles.

CSA Jobs Briefing

Associates and members receive a weekly email digest with the world’s best chief of staff job opportunities in the public, private and diplomatic sectors, including roles not publicly advertised. These include jobs supporting ambassadors, cabinet ministers and large family offices.

Recent roles the CSA helped facilitate include:

  • COSs to two senators
  • Chief of strategy to a global insurance company
  • COS to a major television news anchor
  • Numerous internships at embassies and consulates, worldwide
  • COS to several Silicon Valley industry giants

The above roles were not publicly advertised. Many roles are exclusively advertised through the CSA network. Access to these opportunities is restricted to members and associates of the CSA.


Key events mark moments in time, helping members grow and pivot their careers to reflect personal interests and professional opportunities.

Members enjoy access to a diverse program of carefully curated events and forums, building local and international networks.

Each year we design and host conferences featuring leading thinkers, knowledge exchange programs.  These flagship events are hosted in virtual and physical settings, ensuring – wherever they work or live – members have an opportunity to connect and grow.

Connect with peers right across the globe with CSA membership.