Continuing Professional Development

Members accumulate CPD points for participation in education seminars and contributions to the community.

What are CPD points?

CPD points recognise engagement in activities that collectively enrich the chief of staff professional community.

CPD points are a holistic indicator of member community involvement and professional growth, taking into account seminar attendance, event participation and contributions to the professional discourse.

Highly engaged members are rewarded with exclusive gifts and opportunities.

CPD Point Table

CPD points reward members for their commitment to professional development and community enrichment.

10 Points
Leadership Series Session

10 Points
Co-Elevation Forum

15 Points
Core Competency Session

20 Points
Mindfulness Session

25 Points
Awareness Session

25 Points
Blog Contribution

25 Points

50 Points
New Membership

50 Points
Membership Renewal

50 Points
Journal Contribution

75 Points
Regional Director

100 Points
Residential Offsite

100 Points
Oxford Programme

100 Points

100 Points
Contribution Project

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