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About the CSA

The Chief of Staff Association (CSA) is the international professional body for chiefs of staff in leading corporations, governments, the military and diplomatic corps.

The Chief of Staff Association was conceived by a small group of influential business leaders and diplomats who came together with a shared goal of finding better ways of overcoming traditional impediments to solving complex coordination problems and accelerating economic diplomacy. This private diplomatic network forms the backbone of The Chief of Staff Association.

has been a valued member of The Chief of Staff Association since .

Our member’s badge is inspired by the traditional aiguillette of braided gold typically worn as a shoulder decoration on the uniform of aides-de-camp, equerries and other military officers who support royal households, heads of state and senior officers.

CSA Mirco-Credentials

Membership is capped at only five hundred new members per year and applications are assessed quarterly.

All members must provide professional references as well as undergo a one-on-one interview with a CSA director prior to being admitted.

Micro-credentials are issued to members on acceptance to the CSA and on completion of the CSA Education seminars.

‘s CSA Micro-Credentials.