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A Sneak Peek into The Chief of Staff

With the publication of The Chief of Staff  Journal around the corner, we give a sneak peek into our upcoming Issue on decision-making. 

In the lead-up to publication, we would love for you to share your strategies for decision-making success with us by tagging The Chief of Staff Association and using #chiefofstaff on LinkedIn.

The Chief of Staff Association

Published: 26/04/2022

New Beginnings

There is a shift taking place at The Chief of Staff. Whereas our first three volumes largely sought to define the Chief of Staff role and its importance, Volume Four dives into the intricacies of what it means to successfully perform the chief of staff function.

We kick off this Volume with an Issue centred on “Decision-Making”, exploring the role of the chief of staff in making and executing decisions, and providing helpful frameworks for maximizing effective decision-making.

Preview of What’s Inside

Our Issue opens with a foreword by The Honourable Ted Ballieu AO, former premier of Victoria, who celebrates the chief of staff role while acknowledging its unique challenges.

We follow this with two profile pieces which contain insights and advice for decision-makers. The first of these pieces, highlighting Palm Beach County Commissioner Mack Bernard and his Chief of Staff Wilneeda Emmanuel, foregrounds the importance of building strong relationships in facilitating collaborative decision-making. We then profile Sarah Cone, Founder and Managing Partner of Social Impact Capital, who sheds light on her personal decision-making process and the lessons she has taken from often surprising places, including the poker table. 

Col Michael Jernigan, US Marine and Chief of Staff for Marine Corps Installations East, unpacks the types of decisions chiefs of staff face and provides practical advice for balancing them.

Our very own Chief Editor, Dr Katherine Firth, presents a decision-making reading list, connecting and summarizing key resources in this area that may transform your perspective on decision-making.

Rhiannon Beaubien, author and Managing Editor at Farnam Street Media, introduces readers to the concept of mental models and challenges us to learn and apply them to our own decision-making processes to yield greater insight.

CSA Member David Serabian merges legal theory, film, and a case study to express the value of weighing principles in guiding decision-making, particularly in conditions of uncertainty.

Finally, A piece by Eryn-Ashlei Bailey concludes our Issue with a reflection on the greater challenges of the chief of staff role.

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