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An Ancient Chief of Staff

It is difficult to pinpoint the origins of the chief of staff role. Perhaps it is innate that a leader should require a gatekeeper, strategic partner and implementer by their side. While we cannot definitively identify the first ‘chief of staff,’ the viziers of ancient Egypt provide a compelling look into similar roles throughout history.

Seminar Round-Up: Project Management Masterclass

Last Tuesday, Professor Yael Grushka-Cockayne of the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business returned to The Chief of Staff Association to lead a Project Management Masterclass. During her session, Yael introduced members to helpful frameworks and tools to boost their project management capabilities. Here are a few key points that stood out.

A Review of Tyler Parris’ Chief of Staff

Tyler Parris’ Chief of Staff is one of few books written specifically for the contemporary chief of staff. In this blog post, CSA member David Serabian reviews Parris’ influential work and evaluates its utility for those in the profession.

Risk, Redbull and Reinvention

When Ali McKenzie stepped into her interview for a job as an Executive Assistant, she was convinced that she was about to be fired. Loading up on Red Bull, she decided to use the interview as a chance to expose all of the firm’s problems before being laid off. Her unconventional interview certainly left an impression…

The Missing Chief of Staff 

As chiefs of staff across sectors, you know your role is essential. But…it never hurts to be reminded of it. In this post, we discuss why the White House was missing a chief of staff for 2 years and 179 days, underscoring the disastrous consequences of this absence.

Seminar Round-Up: Leading at a Time of Crisis

In last Thursday’s seminar, crisis communications expert, Amanda Coleman drew on her over 20 years of experience to counsel members on effectively leading and communicating through times of crisis. While this seminar was packed with pertinent advice and insights, here are a few key takeaways that resonated with us.


The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff: General Mark A. Milley

While chiefs of staff do not often draw public attention, they are crucial in situations of crisis management, strategy development and execution. This piece draws attention to one such chief of staff, the current Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark A. Milley.

The Chief of Staff to the First Lady

Chiefs of staff to First Ladies are often overlooked. Indeed, many are unaware that the position exists in the first place. While the role is currently vacant, in this article we highlight the history and significance of the chief of staff role within The Office of the First Lady.

A Sneak Peek into The Chief of Staff

With the publication of The Chief of Staff  Journal around the corner, we give a sneak peek into our upcoming Issue on decision-making.

Voices from the Chief of Staff Association

With our current cohort soon coming to a close, The Chief of Staff Association asked members to share their experiences with the CSA. There were some common themes that stood out: the value of community, the benefit of specialised education and a growing confidence in the chief of staff profession.

Understanding the Salary of Chiefs of Staff in the US

With a little help from the LinkedIn Salary feature, The Chief of Staff Association analysed the salary trends of US-based chiefs of staff. In particular, this blog post focuses on two factors that determine income variation: seniority and location.

Boston Mayor Michelle Wu Appoints Tiffany Chu as Permanent Chief of Staff

In February 2022, Tiffany Chu officially assumed her role as the Mayor of Boston’s chief of staff. This blog post highlights Tiffany Chu’s career and appointment.

How Much Does the White House Chief of Staff Earn?

The White House Chief of Staff (COS) is a position of tremendous responsibility and prestige.

What Does a Chief of Staff Do?

Chiefs of staff are crucial to organizational success, reflecting the multifaceted and versatile role that they play.

The Accidental Chief of Staff

Following an unexpected job loss, Aaron Guerrero found himself job hunting in the middle of a pandemic. After a long search, Aaron was hired as a first-time chief of staff.


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