CSA Experiences™

Chief of Staff Association Domestic Roundtables form the base of our experiences program and occur once per month in New York and London. 

While all CSA Experiences are invitation-only, non-members may accompany members from time to time. CSA Experiences deepen our members’ networks and extend their capability while connecting them with their peers across the globe.

Advancing ‘track-two’ diplomacy, particularly between the public and private sectors by developing meaningful and authentic relationships between members is at the core of every CSA Experience.

Due to Covid-19 the CSA Experiences programme is temporarily postponed.

Roundtables by Sector

CSA Domestic Roundtables by sector provide members briefings on topics of interest drawn from across government & statutory authorities, the public and private sector, military and royal households. Attendance is limited to 30 members, and security clearance may be required.

Private Sector

Among our most popular experiences are our regular briefings from Global Fortune 500 C-Suite executives.

Not for Profit
& Development

Learn how not-for-profit, public benefit corporations (B-Corps) and Public-Private partnerships increasingly fill the rift between corporate and public participation.

& Vice-Regal

Step into the rarified world of former courtiers and senior officials of Royal Households to gain insights into media management, protocol, and state diplomacy procedures.

Tertiary Education Sector
& Research

Learn why the future economic prosperity and employment of many countries is reliant on the tertiary sector, international education and research.

& Medicare

Gain invaluable insights about how companies and countries are transforming their approach to global health in a post Covid-19 world.

Sports Diplomacy

Sports Diplomacy describes an old practice: the unique power of sport to bring people, nations, and communities closer together via a shared love of physical pursuits.

Government, Elected Officials
& Bureaucracy

Navigating complex and obscure regulatory processes is as much art as it is science. Presentations by leading think tanks, public affairs practitioners, lobbyists, and government policymakers are among our most popular.

Home Affairs
& National Security

How does national security affect business operations and what can be done to ensure corporations are equipped to meet the challenges in an unpredictable environment?

& Entertainment

Discover the vital role the media & entertainment sector represents in today’s digitally native world, in particular, the expansion of both news and entertainment media.

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