History of The Chief of Staff Association

The Chief of Staff Association puts you in the company of the world’s most connected, innovative and influential gatekeepers.

Our Purpose

To enhance the effectiveness and influence of chiefs of staff and build recognition for the profession.


The Chief of Staff Association was conceived by a small group of influential business leaders and diplomats who came together with a shared goal of finding better ways of overcoming traditional impediments to solving complex coordination problems and accelerating economic diplomacy. This private diplomatic network forms the backbone of The Chief of Staff Association.

Although some organisations possess extensive local business contacts and others have far-reaching international connections, few have both. This occurs because maintaining relationships across multiple regions and sectors simultaneously requires commitment and assets that even the most well-resourced organisations could only hope to achieve. The CSA solves this problem by helping you accelerate your network development.

Despite the critical nature of the role of chief of staff, there was a significant gap in certified education. Our training platform begins with developing foundation skills and expertise for senior COS’ and culminates in the Chief of Staff Certification programme at Oxford.

As both the prominence and incidence of the chief of staff role rapidly increase, the CSA is dedicated to the profession’s integrity, resilience, and performance.

Our Structure

Incorporated in the State of Delaware in the United States of America, The Chief of Staff Association is chartered as a public benefit corporation. A public benefit corporation is a private company that intends to produce public benefits and to operate in a responsible and sustainable manner.

We are obligated by our charter and the law of the State of Delaware to operate in a manner that balances corporate interests with the public benefits identified in our certificate of incorporation.

As stated in our charter: “The specific public benefits that the Corporation shall promote is the profession of chief of staff across government, civil society, military, royal households, corporations and family offices. The Corporation shall promote said profession through the development of education, training and networking opportunities. Furthermore, the Corporation shall utilize this network to further peace and prosperity of individuals, organizations, countries and international bodies by facilitating connectivity, through chiefs of staff and associated personnel, particularly during times of crisis.”

Membership benefits and experiences reflect the needs of chiefs of staff relevant to their career stage and position of authority.