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The Chief of Staff Association is delighted to present a weekly curated selection of strategic insights from the Boston Consulting Group. The following pieces have been selected for their particular relevance to Chiefs of Staff.

July, 2020

The Heart of CEO Effectiveness

This is the first of two articles on how CEOs and their support staffs can work together to strengthen CEOs? effectiveness with customers, shareholders, stakeholders, and citizens.

Win the Fight

In the global battle against the novel coronavirus, the world is at a delicate transition point. The challenge: to open up society and restart the economy—but without sparking a new wave of infections and deaths.

The Most Innovative Companies 2020: The Serial Innovation Imperative

Facing turbulent and fast-changing markets, innovators need a well-tuned innovation system that can spot emerging product, service, and business model opportunities—and then rapidly develop and successfully scale them—over and over again.

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