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The CSA establishes the integrity of the chief of staff profession, through rigorous education, peer learning and certification. Knowledge is power, and the alumni that grow within and around the CSA is active and influential.

Chief of Staff Executive Certification

Becoming CSA Certified distinguishes you as a chief of staff and asserts your commitment to developing a professional career as a chief of staff.

The Chief of Staff Association has partnered with Saïd Business School at Oxford University to design and deliver the Oxford Chief of Staff Executive Certification Programme.

The tailor-made program contextualises the chief of staff role within the global community and business, enabling professionals to respond to the unique challenges faced in their roles. It equips members with the leadership skills needed to adapt to the changing world of diplomacy and in the private sector, where they take on complex organisational responsibilities, alongside the leadership of staff and deputising for the Chief Executive Officer.

Join colleagues and peers from around the world to share experiences, learn from each other’s perspectives, and acquire knowledge and skills that will advance your career and supercharge your network.

The Chief of Staff

Serving as a thoughtful and considered forum, The Chief of Staff, equips practitioners with a reference for one of the world’s most important but understudied professions. In doing so, we will serve current and future generations of chiefs of staff with the necessary medium to inspire opportunity and promote the growth and admiration of this vocation.

The journal serves current and future generations of chiefs of staff with the requisite medium to inspire opportunity and promote the growth and admiration of this vocation. The Chief of Staff offers global insights from Boston Consulting Group and like sector leaders, explore the origins of the role, along with profiles of our members and fellows now leading the profession.

Contributions to The Chief of Staff are welcome and should be submitted via this link.

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The Chief of Staff Association maintains a growing resource library where you can download job templates and other best-practice documents.  These resources are designed for COSs across all areas of government, diplomacy, academia and the private sector. A variety of templates are available for different scenarios including startup companies, wealth management firms and family offices to the president of a major university or office of the cabinet secretary.

Examples of templates ready to download now include:

  • Office of the President (University)
  • Office of the CEO (Family Office)
  • Office of a Legislator

New documents are added regularly and our experienced resources team avails itself of the opportunity to develop new specialised templates on request that may be helpful to the community and other members.


Every year, members and associates are allocated advisory hours that may be used to extend their capabilities and leverage the CSA’s experience, knowledge and networks.

Finding the right person and being introduced in a setting that is appropriate for the intended dialogue and occasion, makes all the difference to the outcome.  With members in cities across the globe and an extended network that reaches far into business and diplomatic communities, rely on our expertise to connect you to peers and clients across the globe.

Furthermore, advisory hours may be used for the development of research and other resources, from real-time one-to-one support afforded to CSA Fellows, to the peer-to-peer connections made for members, the CSA assure you connect around new ideas and shared challenges.

Examples of how members use their advisory hours include:

  • Drafting formal invitation letters for military, government/ministerial guests
  • Developing itineraries and protocol drafts for inbound high-level visitors
  • Reviewing an associate’s CV and assisting with job placement

Members requiring additional hours may apply for CSA Fellowship, which affords you and your organisation the highest access and capabilities of the CSA network.

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