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This regularly updated reading list complements our Core Competency Programme.

A guide to improving an organisation through strategic alignment towards long-term objectives.

The author’s marshal over 30 years of experience to showcase best practices in change management.

A managerial perspective on how to balance and protect the interests of various stakeholders both internal and external.

A seminal work on chiefs of staff including core competencies and tips on how to perform the role.

Provides a pertinent guide to project management in the age of hybrid work.

An expert’s book on effective strategies taken from her years of experience including responding to acts of terrorism.

Offers in-depth case studies comparing crisis messaging strategies.

A landmark book that outlines the skills necessary for effective leadership. 

How to communicate strategically within an organisation to empower personnel.

A classic and revolutionary step-by-step guide to negotiation, written by a CSA speaker.

How to create, manage, and maintain a valuable brand in a quickly changing world.

A useful handbook which introduces the basics of project management.

A bestselling book on the psychological principles that aid people in being more persuasive.

How to foster trust and cooperation to better achieve goals as a leader without having to have a position of authority.

How to uplift an organisation and promote cooperation irrespective of one’s role, written by global thought leader Keith Ferrazzi.

A classic book which seeks to define strategic thinking, drawing upon critical theory.

This book details the human dimensions of disasters, focusing on memorials, donations, media relations, and mental health.

A former FBI hostage negotiator’s book on emotion-led negotiation; the author notes this is a supplement to “Getting to Yes”.

How Netflix used unorthodox principles to achieve their immense growth while putting people first.

A landmark book in the field that aids in understanding and managing culture.

Practical real-world insights for managing and leading projects, employing a people-centred approach.

Offers a guide to organisational leadership, highlighting the importance of empowering others along the way.

This book examines emerging trends and differing approaches to corporate stakeholder management.

Using the resurgence of Best Buy as a case study, this book delves into the people-first future of business.

An essential book on developing the trust and reputation that allows an organisation to achieve credibility and maintain a valuable reputation.

How to weave your organization’s strategy into a compelling story to better communicate it.

How leaders can generate and envision new and differentiating ideas and turn them into strategies.

A disaster expert’s insights from her experience advising almost every major disaster in the last 20 years from 9/11 to bombings and natural disasters.

A guide to making the most of the post-pandemic world of work. 

A guide to the often unseen importance of protocol, written by a former White House Chief of Protocol.

Helpful advice and insights for managers in rapidly growing organisations. 

This book explores the potential for public entrepreneurship to change the world.

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