The Chief of Staff Podcast

Join us for a conversation with the chiefs of staff at the heart of some of the world’s most influential organisations. 

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Take a listen to some of our interviews with Chiefs of Staff in national politics, leading not-for-profits, and multi-national corporations. New Episodes are released every fortnight.

Introducing The Chief of Staff, the new podcast series from The Chief of Staff Association.

From speaking truth to power to rebuilding momentum in a party, Sam draws back the curtain on how the chief of staff role functions in politics.

Lucy explores her approach to managing risk as Chief of Staff to the world’s largest humanitarian de-mining organisation.

Jhumar shares her insights into managing humility at the helm and what the future of education might look like at one of the world’s largest universities.

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Podcast Host

This podcast series is hosted by Euan Godbold, the CSA’s Director of Strategy. Utilising the extensive network of the CSA, he hosts in depth conversations sharing the insights, strategies and successes from some of the most influential and unique chief of staff positions in the world.