Chief of Staff Code of Ethics

Advancing the influence of and respect for professional chief of staff who are the connectors between global leaders.

The Chief of Staff Code of Ethics


I am trusted to provide insight, make decisions, and to engage with multiple different internal and external stakeholders on behalf of my principal.


I commit to ensuring that I will act in accordance with international, national and local rules wherever they apply.


I commit to behaving with the highest levels of integrity and recognise the need to avoid perceptions of dishonest behaviour or anything that could be perceived as inappropriate or excessive.


I recognise that I hold a position of high trust and that this demands adherence to the highest ethical and moral standards of behaviour.


I commit to deploying my diplomatic skills to the benefit of the organisation and the specific objectives of the principal. Diplomatic skills include the ability to assess and analyse large quantities of information, simplify to manageable questions and decisions, and build consensus.

Inclusion and diversity

I will respect, promote and value an inclusive culture and celebrate diversity of all types. I will act to ensure not only that an inclusive culture is upheld, but also that I will actively promote new forms of inclusivity as and where I see it.


I commit to treating everyone with respect and dignity, ensuring where I can that they feel welcomed and safe in their interactions with the office of the chief of staff.


I commit to interacting with everyone on their merit. I will aim to do so in practice, and also understand that I have a responsibility to be seen to interact on the basis of merit, acting at all times with empathy and respecting the dignity of colleagues and counterparties.


I commit to ensuring that my role is delivered not only to a high level of performance but that it also delivers the impact that is required, inside and outside the organisation.


I commit to the highest standards of professional behaviour, recognising that organisational efficiency underpins my performance.


I understand that my position demands a high level of confidentiality and commit at all times to preserving an appropriate level of confidentiality at all times.


I commit to ensuring that my organisation has access to the right connections that are required to make informed decisions and to enact these with impact. This responsibility also extends to creating access to new connections and sources of information.

Societal responsibility

I will actively use my networks to identify societal themes of relevance to my organisation and I will use my networks to decode developing issues of importance to the societies in which the organisation operates.