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Our education programme builds member competency, capability, and performance.

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Our Approach to Education

In consultation with leading educators and experienced chiefs of staff, The Chief of Staff Association has designed a comprehensive education programme that builds competency, capability, and performance as well as professional certification.

CSA education has been formulated using recognised models for addressing knowledge, skills, and behaviours.

  • Knowledge provides the contemporary theory and principles behind each competency.
  • Skills are the specific learned abilities to perform the competency well. Each competency typically comprises a set of skills.
  • Behaviours relate to how the knowledge and related skills are applied to master the competency.

CSA Programme Overview

Core Competency Programme

The Core Competency Programme serves as the foundation of CSA’s education streams, providing our members with integral skills that are fundamental to the chief of staff role.

The programme challenges participants to rethink traditional best practice on topics that are the mainstays of businesses and corporations.

Promote your achievements with recognition badges and demonstrate competency with internationally recognised skills.

The Situation Room

Designed by leading chiefs of staff, The Situation Room puts participants to the test in challenging scenarios that replicate the lived experiences of professionals in the role. 

With the guidance of industry professionals, develop learned abilities and techniques to navigate complex challenges faced regularly by chiefs of staff at the highest level.

Promote your achievements with recognition badges and have the confidence to meet the challenges of your role.

CSA Leadership Series

The CSA Leadership Series provides members with the opportunity to learn from international experts who through experience have become leaders in their respective fields.

Join member-only webinars and forums, and learn from subject matter experts who influence sectors, geopolitical settings, and important public agendas.

Through the CSA Leadership Series, you will be inspired by the personal stories of seasoned chiefs of staff and grasp the powerful nuance in their thinking and practice.

CSA Diplomatic Briefings

Full members access private diplomatic briefings led by Ambassadors, Consuls-General and trade commissioners.

Stay up-to-date with the latest global developments, including political, trade and regulatory updates that could affect your organisation.

CSA Diplomatic briefings are led by real diplomats and in-country specialists who are equipped to discuss topics such as trade opportunities and investment policy.

Chief of Staff Executive Certification

Becoming a Certified Chief of Staff™ distinguishes you as a leader in the profession and asserts your commitment to developing a successful career as a chief of staff.

The Chief of Staff Association has partnered with Saïd Business School at Oxford University to design and deliver the Chief of Staff Executive Certification Programme.

The tailor-made program contextualises the chief of staff role within the global community and business, enabling professionals to respond to the unique challenges faced in their roles. It equips members with the leadership skills needed to adapt to the changing world of diplomacy and in the private sector, where they take on complex organisational responsibilities, alongside the leadership of staff and deputise for the Chief Executive Officer.

Join colleagues and peers from around the world to share experiences, learn from each other’s perspectives, and acquire knowledge and skills that will advance your career and supercharge your network.

There is a separate cost to attend this programme.

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Micro-Credentials Page

Each member of The Chief of Staff Association is issued a credentials page that keeps a record of their attendance at CSA education seminars, including the Core Competency Programme, The Situation Room, CSA Leadership Series and Chief of Staff Executive Certification Programme.

Through the credentials page, members demonstrate their commitment to professional development and display their record of membership to colleagues and peers.

The credentials page is automatically updated by The Chief of Staff Association and can be uploaded to the ‘licenses and certifications’ section of your LinkedIn profile.

Example Credentials Page

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