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Join a global community of peers, make influential connections, gain professional certification, and attend curated social events and knowledge exchange programmes.

The CSA is a community of peers who together build strength, confidence and resilience: extraordinary people achieving extraordinary outcomes across the globe.


For professionals seeking connections, a community of practice and access to a global network of trusted peers.


Associate Membership is ideal for the next generation of chiefs of staff looking to advance their career.


Highly customised membership for chiefs of staff (or equivalent) in positions of significant influence.

Associate Membership (ACSA)

Through the Associate Membership programme, The Chief of Staff Association supports the next generation of professional chiefs of staff.

The CSA Associate Membership programme reflects our continued commitment to convene a global community of highly skilled chiefs of staff at different stages of their careers.

The programme has been designed in collaboration with Members to support the personal growth and professional development of the next generation of chiefs of staff.

Among other key membership benefits, Associate Members are equipped with role-specific skills through the Core Competency Programme – a highly curated education stream that prepares participants for the challenges faced by contemporary chiefs of staff.

Nothing signals to principals and colleagues more significant commitment to your chosen career than joining your industries’ peak professional body. Learn from your peers. Grow your confidence and your international network. Commence a rewarding, future career as a chief of staff.

Fees are USD $995 per annum.
Most employers will reimburse professional association membership fees.


Membership (CSA)

CSA membership provides experienced chiefs of staff with access to a powerful international network of influential leaders and a global community of peers.

Membership is your passport to find, connect with and learn from other senior chiefs of staff who are experts in their field. Full members of The Chief of Staff Association have access to our professional team of staff who provide advice and confidential introductions when it counts.

In addition to the aforementioned benefits of Associate Membership, full members have access to three exclusive education programmes:

  • The Situation Room –  designed specifically to challenge seasoned chiefs of staff in role-play scenarios. Members work with experienced peers to apply skills in practice, and under pressure.
  • The CSA Leadership Series – brings to life insights from global leaders and chief of staff peers who have mastered the profession’s nuances through experience.
  • The Chief of Staff Certification Programme at Oxford University – represents the pinnacle of chief of staff specific education anywhere in the world and is exclusive to Members.

If you are an influential chief of staff with extensive professional experience, CSA Membership is for you.

Fees are USD4,950 per annum.
Most employers will reimburse professional association membership fees.

Benefits of CSA Membership

Connect, Grow and Learn with the CSA

Core Competency Programme

The Core Competency Programme builds the complete skill set required to perform effectively. It has been designed by leading educators in consultation with experienced Chiefs of Staff.

The Situation Room*

The CSA Situation Room Series places members in role-play scenarios, working alongside experienced Chiefs of Staff to apply skills in practice, and under pressure.

CSA Leadership Series*

The CSA Leadership Series features invitation-only webinars and interactive forums in which highly experienced Chiefs of Staff share their experience and interrogate different issues and settings.

Oxford University Chief of Staff Certification Programme*

Members enjoy the security of reserved enrolment in the Chief of Staff Certification Programme at Oxford University’s Saïd Business School.

Complimentary Associate Membership*

Receive a complimentary 12-month associate membership that you may give to a colleague or up and coming chief of staff in your organisation.

Job Opportunities

In addition to the weekly email digest of leading COS roles, members receive curated introduction to unique opportunities, where the CSA has been specifically tasked with finding a COS for global leaders, particularly during a discreet search process. Members exclusively receive a monthly overview of board, consulting and other advisory roles that are uniquely suited to COSs.

CSA Post Nominals

Chief of Staff Association members are entitled to use either the CSA or ACSA post-nominal after their name on business cards, online profiles and resumés depending on their level of membership.

Calling Cards

Members of The Chief of Staff Association are provided with individualised calling cards crafted from the finest GMUND paper.

Fattorini Lapel Pins

Signify your membership with a distinctive lapel pin crafted by Fattorini of London.

Certificate of Membership

Members are provided with a beautiful certificate of membership.


Our exclusive library of job descriptions and other standard-form resources, so you are always using best-practice documents.


When time is of the essence, you can rely on The Chief of Staff Association’s experience to help you get results quickly.

The Chief of Staff

Our peer-reviewed journal consolidates a global body of knowledge, advice and lessons through a contemporary lens

*Exclusive to CSA Full Members


Fellowship (FCSA)

CSA Fellowship is available for the most highly experienced, career chiefs of staff (or equivalent) currently working at the most senior levels of government, corporations and the military.

Fellowship is reserved for persons of influence who seek connection with an international network of individuals of equal status. Members serve heads of state, principals in the world’s leading corporations and significant public institutions and can expect a personalised membership experience that reflects your specific needs.

In a world where relationships are fundamental and time is of the essence, Fellows can expect a personalised membership experience that reflects your specific needs. Fellows are served by the experienced CSA relationship team who are available, at short notice, to organise confidential personal introductions, at the time and place you need them.

Fees start from USD19,950pa.
Contact us today to talk to one of our directors about designing your Fellowship.

Honorary Fellowship

The board of directors has created a particular class of members, to recognise those people whose ongoing support for The Chief of Staff Association, which, combined with their experiences and background, deserve special recognition.

Honorary Fellowships are awarded in each of the four cohorts of membership and are the highest privilege the CSA can offer an individual.

All Fellows and Honorary Fellows enjoy unrestricted access to all CSA resources, including Fellows only programming and the exclusive FCSA post-nominal.


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