The Situation Room

Designed by leading Chiefs of Staff, The Situation Room puts participants to the test in challenging scenarios that replicate the lived experiences of professionals in the role. 

Core Competency Programme CSA Leadership Series CSA Diplomatic Briefings

With the guidance of industry professionals, develop learned abilities and techniques to navigate complex challenges faced regularly by chiefs of staff at the highest level.

Learn by exploring real-life situations.

The Core Competency Programme builds member skills; the Situation Room Series creates immersive experiences in which chiefs of staff test those skills in practice.

Using role-play scenarios, members participate alongside experienced chiefs of staff reacting to different real-life settings and situations, under pressure.

Each session begins with a theoretical basis before splitting participants into groups to tackle issues with peers. In this way, participants learn from watching their peers adapt as well as the actions of experienced facilitators.

Deliver in Challenging Environments

The Situation Room is run by experts who specialise in creating virtual environments that replicate scenarios faced by contemporary chiefs of staff.

Participants are assigned roles and work alongside their peers to organise, strategize and execute under time-pressure in changing circumstances.

Learn to make decisions with limited information, competing priorities and a multitude of stakeholder interests, preparing you for the unexpected challenges you may face in your role.

The Situation Room is exclusively available to CSA members.